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What is Longvida - SLCP Curcumin?

Longvida - SLCP curcumin (Solid Liquid Curcumin Particles), the ingredient of Optim Curcuma, is a patented formulation that enhances the absorption (bioavailability) of curcumin .

In this unique process to prepare this formulation, the curcumin is coated under specific conditions with lecithin (phospholipid) and steraric acid. This coating protects the curcumin during its passage through the stomach and the gut - and keeps the curcumin in its "free" form.

A non protected curcumin, for instance the one from a curcuma powder found in a food store, does not stay for as long in its free form and is conjugated (associated) with other molecules (glucuronides), inhibiting its activity.