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Where to buy our products?

Where to buy the products of Laboratoire Optim?

In Belgium, our food supplements are available from your pharmacist.

If your pharmacist does not have the product, he can order it from his wholesaler on simple request from you. You can give him the following product codes:

Optim Curcuma - 30 capsules: CNK 3209-186

Optim Curcuma - 90 capsules: CNK 3520-194

Optim D3 - 20ml dropper bottle: CNK 3641-685

Optim Memory - 30 capsules: CNK 3767-415

Optim Memory - 90 capsules: CNK 3767-464

Optim Serenity - 30 capsules: CNK 3945-243

Optim Immunity - 30 capsules: CNK 4234-589

Butycaps Sachets - 30 sachets: CNK 3968-054

Butycaps Capsules - 30 capsules: CNK 4234-597

Optim Propionibacer - 20 capsules: CNK 4280-988

Optim Ginseng - 30 capsules: CNK 4380-317

Optim Curcuma Cats & Dogs: CNK 4291-977

In the UK, USA and other European countries, our supplements can be purchased directly from our website. All packages are sent by Colissimo or BPost from our logistics centre in Belgium.

For all other countries, read our delivery conditions.