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Optim Memory 30 or 90 capsules

30 capsules

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2 formats available: 30 or 90 capsules

Food supplement based on Bacopa monnieri (Bacognize®) and optimised Longvida® curcumin


These two ingredients:
- play a part in improving concentration, attention, and memory
- help to both maintain a clear mind and improve mental energy.

Lactose free Lactose-Free
Gluten freeGluten-Free
Plant-based capsuleVeggie capsule
Made in BelgiumMade in Belgium

Bacopa or Brahmi is an adaptogenic plant that naturally helps to improve cognitive capacities, particularly attention, concentration, and active memory.

Three clinical trials have validated the Bacopa extract used in the Optim Memory formulation on student volunteers, adults and persons aged 50 or over.

The Longvida® curcumin used in Optim Memory was developed by scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles. Clinical studies have demonstrated that Longvida’s formulation increases the bioavailability of curcumin in its active (free) form, a form that can pass through the blood-brain barrier.

A study carried out by Swinburne University demonstrated that Longvida curcumin significantly improves working memory and reduces mental fatigue.

Cox 1014; Kumar 2016; Goswami 2011)

Optim Memory is a dietary supplement combining Bacopa monnieri (Bacognize®) and optimised curcumin (Longvida®).


These two ingredients, which come from Ayurvedic medicine:

– play a part in improving concentration, attention, and memory

– help to both maintain a clear mind and improve mental energy.

Serving Size:

Take one capsule a day, preferably before a meal with a glass of water.

Initial treatment: take two capsules a day during the first two weeks.

Precautions for use:

Optim Memory is a food supplement that has demonstrated good tolerance up to the equivalent of 10 capsules per day.

There are, however, a few precautions you might take.

As relevant data on its use during pregnancy and lactation is lacking, Curcuma longa can not be recommended in these cases.

Because curcumin was found to stimulate the gall bladder, the use of curcumin or turmeric is contraindicated in a person with obstruction of the biliary tract (WHO Monograph).

Consult your doctor or pharmacist in case of concomitant use of anticoagulants.

It is advisable to follow the recommended doses and have a diverse and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of children. Keep in a dry place.

200 mg Longvida® preparation (Curcuma Longa L. extract from India containing 40 mg of curcumin, anti-caking: stearic acid, carrier: maltodextrin, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin, antioxidant: ascorbyl palmitate, anti-caking: silica) - 150 mg of whole plant extract of Bacopa Monnieri L. (Bacognize®) - Capsule shell: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose; filler: microcrystalline cellulose.

Gluten-free, lactose-free and registered at the Vegan Society (UK)

Nutritional Values per 100g : 
Carbohydrates: 50g – Lipids: 27g – Proteins: 1g

Energy Value per 100g:
428 Kcal/1791 KJ or  2.0 Kcal per capsule.

Net Weight: 17g – 30 capsules

Net Weight: 51g – 90 capsules

Notification Number (Belgium) PL:2708/3

What is the mechanism of action of bacopa?

Bacosides, the active ingredients of Bacopa, act positively on neurotransmitters. In particular, they increase:

– the serotonin level that is involved in memory processes.
– the level of acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter of memory and learning
– and the level of γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which plays a vital role in adults by preventing prolonged excitation of neurons. (Charles 2011; Rajan 2011)

Bacopa monnieri (l.) pennel or brahmi

Bacopa, brahmi, hysope

Clinical studies with Bacognize®.

The extract of Bacopa Monnieri, Bacognize®, used in the formulation of Optim Memory, was validated by three clinical trials conducted with volunteer students, adults and people over 50 years of age. (Goswami 2011; Kumar 2016; Lopresti 2021).

A study in people over 50 years old (Goswami 2011)

For six months, 39 people with early Alzheimer’s (average age 65 years) took 300 mg of Bacognize® twice daily.

Significant results:
– Improved spatial and temporal orientation
– Improved attention
– Improved mood and decreased irritability and insomnia

Study with students (Kumar 2016)

For six weeks, 42 students took either 150 mg of Bacognize® or a placebo twice daily.

Significant results (Bacognize® Group):
– Improved concentration and attention
– Improvement of immediate memory and working memory
– Better linguistic understanding


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Effects of taking Bacopa Monnieri (Bacognize®) on the score of the Mini-Mental State Examination Scale (MMSES) – Goswami 2011

Bacognize®: mood, stress and sleep

A recent study shows that bacopa reduces stress hormones and improves mood and sleep quality.

Lopresti et al. 2021 demonstrated that a supplementation with Bacopa Monnieri Bacognize® extract (300mg/day) was associated with a statistically significant 14% improvement in mood and emotional well-being and a statistically significant 12% improvement in general health.

Significant differences in salivary IgA and sAA concentrations were observed in the Bacopa group, suggesting a reduction in stress and strengthening of the immune system.

Other studies: Children with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD)

Over 16 weeks, a double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled trial was conducted with 36 children diagnosed with ADHD (mean age 8-9 years).

Nineteen children received every 12 hours and for 12 weeks 50 mg of Bacopa alcohol extract, followed by four weeks of placebo. The remaining 17 children received a placebo for 16 weeks.

Both groups were evaluated at baseline and 4, 8, 12 and 16 weeks. The Bacopa group observed improvements, particularly in sentence repetition, logical memory and learning tasks. These improvements were maintained four weeks after discontinuation. (Negi 2000)

Memory and cognitive functions

A group of researchers from the University of Swinburne in Melbourne, Australia, recently published the results of a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study (Cox et al. 2014).

During four weeks, 60 participants from 60 to 85 years old took either:

- either 400 mg/day of either the patented Longvida SLCP curcumin complex of Optim Curcuma (80 mg curcumin)
-or 400mg of placebo.

Compared with placebo, the authors reported that the curcumin supplementation significantly improved both acute and chronic cognitive functions, particularly working memory tasks, general fatigue, and calmness.

Longvida® curcumin crosses the blood-brain barrier.
A team of researchers from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles (United States) has demonstrated that Longvida® curcumin, crosses the blood-brain barrier with its solid-lipid microencapsulation process that increases the bioavailability and efficacy of curcumin in its active form by 65 times (Koronyo 2017).

Product manufactured in Belgium according to HACCP food quality and ISO22000 standards.

Optim Memory is registered at the Vegan Society (UK).

Does not contain gluten, lactose, animal products, sugars or synthetic additives such as polysorbate.

Both turmeric and bacopa are grown in India.

Turmeric rhizomes are grown in the Karnataka region, collaborating with over 200 local producers. The plantations and production methods are meticulously audited to obtain high-quality curcumin. 

Bacopa Monnieri is grown and carefully harvested in India in the Gujarat region (Dharmaj).


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between bacopa and ginkgo biloba?

    Bacosides, the active ingredients of Bacopa:

    – have an antioxidant action

    – have an agonistic effect on the 5HT1a receptors, which are the serotonin receptors known to be involved in memory processes.

    – also increase the level of acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter of memory and learning.

    – increase the level of γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) which plays a vital role in adults by preventing prolonged excitation of neurons.

    Bacopa helps focus (reduce distractibility) short-term memory and improves mood.

    Ginkgo Biloba contributes to increasing oxygen levels in the brain. Indeed, in addition to its antioxidant activity, Ginkgo exerts a vasoregulatory activity on the whole vascular system: arteries, capillaries, veins.

    It is also an inhibitor of platelet aggregation and therefore not recommended with anticoagulants.

  • What precautions should be taken when taking Optim Memory (bacopa/ brahmi and longvida curcumin)?

    In the absence of relevant studies on the use of turmeric (curcumin) and bacopa during pregnancy and lactation, Optim Memory is not recommended in these cases.

    Bacopa has been shown, albeit inconsistently, to have a mild sedative (calming) effect, so caution should be taken when used in combination with other known sedatives.

    Precautions for people on neuroleptic (phenothiazine class) and hormonal (thyroid) therapy.

  • Does Bacopa have any side effects?

    Bacopa has been safely used in Ayurvedic medicine for several hundred years. (Monograph Bacopa Monnieri 2004)

    Bacopa with doses up to 100-200mg/day of bacosides are not associated with any known side effects (Asthana 1996)


  • Why combine longvida curcumin with Bacopa?

    Longvida Curcumin has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties (Nahar 2014) and neuroprotective effects, as demonstrated by in-vivo and in-vitro studies (Goozee 2016).

    Optim Memory’s Longvida® curcumin was developed by scientists at the University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA). Clinical studies have shown that the Longvida® formulation increases the bioavailability of curcumin in its active (free) form, which can cross the blood-brain barrier. (Gota 2010; Koronyo 2017)

    A clinical study by the University of Swinburne has shown that Longvida® curcumin (400mg/day) significantly improves working memory and reduces mental fatigue. (Cox 2014)

    Bacopa acts on neurotransmitters that stimulate concentration memory and contribute to better mental alertness.

    Combining these two plant extracts makes it possible to act on several factors and thus improve cognitive functions.

  • What are the Bacoside levels in Optim Memory?

    The Bacopa extract, Bacognize®, is standardised by HPLC, a very specific and accurate method of analysis.

    Bacognize® contains 10% bacoside glycosides, namely bacoside A3, bacopasaponin C, bacopaside II, bacopaside X and bacopaside I. Bacognize® also contains a significant amount of flavonoids (such as luteolin and apigenin) and other polyphenols that act as antioxidants

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Optim Memory 30 or 90 capsules