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Butycaps - 30 sachets


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Food supplement based on microencapsulated butyrin - 30 sachets

Butyrin supports intestinal transit and promotes intestinal function.

Gluten freeGluten-Free
Made in SpainMade in Spain

The microencapsulation of butyrin (granules) allows a prolonged action in the gut and colon.

Butyrin is a triglyceride of butyrate, i.e. it provides three butyrate molecules. Butyrate (also called butyric acid) is a short-chain fatty acid.

Butycaps contain 900 mg of tributyrin per sachet, providing 787 mg of butyric acid/butyrate.

Butyrin supports intestinal transit and promotes intestinal function.

Directions for use: 

1 sachet per day. Pour over yoghurt or pureed food, or pour directly into the mouth and swallow in one or more portions of the bag with a glass of water. Do not chew. Do not heat.

Precautions for use:

Food supplement only for adults (over 18 years old).

Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Food supplements must not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
Keep out of reach of young children. Store in a dry place and away from direct sunlight.

List of ingredients: 
Fully hydrogenated sunflower oil, Emulsifier: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids (from sunflower or rapeseed oil), tributyrin (900mg or the equivalent of 787 mg butyric acid), banana flavour.

Gluten-free, Vegan

Nutritional values per 100g:

Carbohydrates: 0g – Fats: 100g – Protein: 0g

Energy value:

Per 100g/: 900 Kcal / 3766 KJ – Per capsule: 27 Kcal

Net weight: 90 g

Notification number (Belgium): AS_2708/6

Packaging: 30 sachets

Butycaps Sachets is produced in Spain in collaboration with our partner Elie Health Solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is butyrate safe?

    Butycaps contains butyrin (short-chain fatty acid) and fats for microencapsulation.

    It is therefore preferable to take Butycaps during a meal in order to facilitate digestion (production of bile and pancreatic enzymes) and the hydrolysis of triglycerides into fatty acids (butyric acid).

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