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Laboratoire Optim - Revues

L'intégralité des revues laissées par nos clients sur notre boutique et ses produits.
Based on 252 reviews



Dit voedingssupplement maakt de ontbrekende bacteriestammen aan in mijn darmen. Al vrij snel merk Ik heb een beter gewrichtscomfort in mijn handen en voeten. Mijn immuunsysteem valt de spieren niet meer aan. Dit omdat de bacteriën nu het propionzuur maken in mijn darmen.

Indispensable - to take every morning before breakfast.

This is the indispensable complement to take every morning. Every year my blood test results are optimals and my doctor asks if I continue to take Optim Curcuma. I have successfully recommended Optim to a number of friends.

prescribed product

Prescribed to help my back discomfort

Life-changing after 10 years of searching for something that would help!

I have debilitating IBS-D that crippled me for years. We’re talking can’t leave house severity. I’ve tried everything from fecal matter transplants to rX treatments with horrible side effects (sleeping 14+ hours per day).

I was recommended this by a friend - was skeptical but thought to try it. After 2 weeks (slowly increasing dose) the change was incredible - the health of my ‘toilet trips’ had completely changed.

I thought it might be placebo so after finishing the pack I thought to see what would happen. Within one week I was back to square one.

Started taking them again and within 12 hours - ‘toilet trips’ back to near perfection.

I don’t say this lightly - these are truly life changing - I couldn’t be any more grateful to my friend for recommending them.

Optim DHAlg
Marko Pasquetti


Optim Ginseng
Ramón Miras Martínez
Todo perfecto

Estando en España, me sorprendió agradablemente la rapidez con que llegó el pedido

Optim DHAlg
Genial producto

és muy difícil valorar el resultado de un suplemento, pero en la última analítica me salió todo muy bien y deduzco que puede tener algo que ver. Y por eso lo repetí.

Optim D3
Ramon Adell

Très bien

Optim D3

Optim D3

Un solide adjuvant à notre santé !

Cela fait un petit moment que je prends ce complément alimentaire, qui me réussit fort bien ! Je continue la prise à intervalle, quand j'en éprouve le besoin.

Simply love it 💕💕💕💕💕💕

The best!!!! Will keep buying it. All the ones I find here in Switzerland have alcohol🤪👎👎👎👎

It works

Dramatically improves the gut. It’s only been 5 days and my white tongue is almost gone. Cant wait to see results after one month.

It works

It’s only been 5 days of taking it and it’s changing my life. White tongue has dramatically decreased, which shows the impact it has on gut dysbiosis. Definitely recommend. I mix it into my yogurt, it’s the best way to take it. Cant wait to see what I’m like after one month of taking it.

Optim D3
Tot perfecte i ràpid

Tot perfecte i ràpid.

Optim Memory 30 ou 90 capsules
Gillis Francine Gillis

Je suis toujours contente de vos produits mais je m'exprime mieux dans la langue neerlandaise .Francine Gillis

Optim DHAlg
laurent coulloumme-labarthe
great product, high quality, we use them every year for the entire family!

we use omegas and vitamin D mainly for kids and us….we’re never sick anymore!

Optim DHAlg
Christiane Gonze

Super comme d'habitude et ravis de trouver des omégas 3 en algues plutôt que poissons

Trop tôt pour porter un jugement ! J'attends de finir la boîte pour donner mon avis...

Super produit

J’utilise ce produit depuis des années très bien

aucun problème, tout parfait !

aucun problème, tout parfait !