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Optim Curcuma (Longvida) is now registered by the Vegan Society

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We are proud to announce that Optim Curcuma is now registered by the Vegan Society.It is the first Longvida® food supplement in the world to be enlisted by the organization.

Did you know that the word Vegan has been created in 1944 by the Vegan Society? Today, the word Vegan is the authentic international vegan standard and the Vegan Society registers the product with strict standards.

What does Vegan mean for us?

- Animal-free: The development and/or the manufacturing of the product does not involve, or did not involve the use of any animal product, by-product or derivative.

- No Animal testing: We, as Laboratoire Optim, do not perform testing of any animal in the development and/or manufacture of the product.

- GMO-free: We only use GMO-free ingredients in the formulation of our products.