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Vitamin D Boosts the Immune System

What is the right dietary supplement to strengthen the immune system? How vitamin D boosts the immune system and strengthen your defences?


Vitamin D helps strengthen the immune system

Vitamin D has evolved from a simple vitamin to an important prohormone with multiple effects. Its action is not only related to bone mineral metabolism and calcium-phosphorus balance.

Vitamin D also has important effects on multiple cells of our body and various mechanisms. For example, vitamin D plays a key role in the cell cycle, the endocrine system, the immune system and the intestinal microbiota.


Maintain optimal vitamin D levels to boost your immune system

Low vitamin D levels are associated with an increase in infectious diseases, particularly respiratory diseases such as influenza and pneumonia. Conversely, adequate levels of vitamin D are associated with an improved immune system and a decrease in viral and bacterial infections. (Gunville, 2013; Ginde, 2017; Wimalawansa, 2018).


How much vitamin D do I need?

The amount of vitamin D to be taken is not known precisely and depends on each person's body weight, initial plasma levels and the season of the year. The dose of vitamin D must be individually adjusted to achieve the desired concentration. Therefore, a dose of 1000 to 3000 IU per day is recommended depending on the deficiency.


Why should I take a vitamin D-rich food supplement to boost my immune system?

Our diet provides us with a small amount of vitamin D. Moderate exposure of our body to the sun allows our body to synthesize a large part of the necessary vitamin D. Especially in winter, our body is not sufficiently exposed. Our body, therefore, synthesises less vitamin D3 in winter and we are therefore more likely to be deficient.


Which vitamin D supplement should I take?

Optim D3 is a natural and plant-based formula to increase vitamin D3 levels. Its concentration is ideal for the whole family: children from one year old and adults. One drop of Optim D3 provides 500UI. The coconut oil extract used in the composition gives it a pleasant taste and excellent stability. Optim D3 is a natural and vegetal food supplement rich in vitamin D which boosts the immune system and strengthens the immune system.



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